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Positively Nelsons
No More Tumble Weed
Positively Nelsons
Positively Nelsons - No More Tumble Weed

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No More Tumble Weed is the 11 track debut release from St. Croix born sisters 'Sparkles' and 'Empress Auset' who come together as Positively Nelson

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Track List:

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Black Man

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America The Beautiful

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A Mother's Love

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Tumble Weed (Unclaimed Love)

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Have You Seen The Change?

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Beyond The Struggle

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People Of The Trade Winds

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Positive Vibes

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Tumble Weed Re-Mix

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Four Options

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A special thank you for support, encouragement and upliftment given by the Nelson Family: Adolphus Nelson, Henrietta Nelson, Bridget Nelson-Hodge, Terrence "Positive" Nelson, Showayne Modeste Our Immediate Families: Garfield Duval, Garian Duval, Ariana Duval, Trevon Nelson, Khalil James, Carl Michael James Jr., Zion James In-Laws: Martial Hodge, Carl Michael James Sr., Kimberly Nelson Nieces and Nephews: Martialique Hodge, Britnique Hodge, Martial Hodge Jr., Britial Hodge, Terrence Nelson Jr., Tafari Nelson, Tywreh Nelson, Keturah Nelson.

A special thank you to "Feel-I", Eustace "Boomer" James, "Biggs" for Positive Youths, Dawn & Crystal Smalls, and Claude Bird for input.

A special shout-out to other family members and friends who are showing their love and support from "behind the scene"!

Photographer - Eustace "Boomer" James

Contact Information:
"Sparkles" (919) 961-2629
"Empress Auset" (340) 771-4532

All songs written and copyrighted by Arvian "Sparkles" Nelson Duval
All poetry written and copyrighted by Terrence "Positive" Nelson
Produced and arranged by Al Baptiste, Sr.
Recorded and Mixed at Backyard Recording Studios

Album Reviews

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Bob & The Showgram:
From the Virgin Islands to Good Ol' NC, sing/songwriter Arvian Duval fronts the Raleigh Reggae act Positively Nelsons. The new album, "No More Tumble Weed," fuses wicked Jamaican Roots with Hot US Licks. This is premium underground.but not for long.  Get the album at Raleigh's Jamaican Marketplace, or drop Arvian a line. - More

Big Up Radio:
Arvian 'Sparkles' Nelson-Duval and Stephanie 'Empress Auset' are …Positively Nelson. This is there debut album from di Nelson sista's realeased in the summer of 2005. Melody vocals by 'Sparkles' and the motivating concious dub poetry from Sista ‘Empress Auset'. - More
The duo of Stephanie "Empress Auset" Nelson and Arvian "Sparkles" Nelson records as Positively Nelsons, and No More Tumble Weed is an impressive debut. Although they do tend to get a little bit preachy, they're so charmingly open-hearted that it's easy to forgive the sometimes finger-wagging tone of the lyrics.  - More  

Dread Vibration:
Arvian’Sparkles’Nelson-Duval and Stephanie’Empress Auset’ Are,…Positively Nelson. This is there debut album from di Nelson sista’s realeased in the summer of 2005. Melody vocals by ‘Sparkles’ and the motivating concious dub poetry from Sista ‘Empress Auset’. - More  

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