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Various Artists
Culturellennium 2
Sound V.I.Zion Records
V.A. - Culturellennium 2

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Sound V.I.Zion Records brings you the second installment of Culturellennium.  The 17 tracks on this STX compilation includes songs from Batch, Ras Attitude, Dezarie, Apostle, Midnite and more.  

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Track List:

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Ras Attitude - Love And Peace

Real Audio 10.

Yah Shiloh I - Show Love

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Dezarie - Wait On Jah

Real Audio 11.

Boy Blue - Breeding Hate

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Batch - Love Inna De Ghetto

Real Audio 12.

Raff I-Jah -Hold On

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Midnite - Excellency

Real Audio 13.

King Lion - Seven Seals

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Yah Shiloh I - Been Away

Real Audio 14.

Apostle - Book A Fire

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Ahjamel - Dr. Jeckyl

Real Audio 15.

Yah Shiloh I - Dem Pure

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Dezarie - Rulers Of Heaven

Real Audio 16.

Ras Attitude - Avenue

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Ras Chuunks - Worry No More

Real Audio 17.

Batch - Zion

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Ras Attitude - Stop Chat

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Production Credits

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All Tracks produced by Batch for Sound V.I.Zion Productions
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Batch at Sound V.I.Zion Yard and Hilltop Sounds, St. Croix
Visual Art Work: Nazarite-9Jah for ERR Productions
Graphic Design & Layout: Norma Cumberbatch

Guitar: Jerome Austrie

Liner Notes

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Sound V.I.ZionWe give thanks, praises and honor to The Most High King Of Kings and Lord Of Lords, Haile Selassie I, The First. 

Raspect to all the artists and musicians who contributed to this production.  Ras Attitude, Yah Shiloh I, Dezarie, Midnite, Batch, Ahjamel, Jerome Austrie, Ras Chunks, Boy Blue, King Lion, Apostle, Raff-I-Jah (of the Star Lion Family). 

Big ups to Brian Barrie, Hilltop Sound, King Dread, Ibo-I, EJ, Nazarite, Andy, Terrence 'Positive' Nelson, Feel-I, Malachi, Rude Boy, Ras Yellow, Wapa, Judah, Yoshua, Natural Mystic, Dave, Chunky, Saffy, Swain, Nachilus, Prento Kidd, DJ Quinton, I-Gee, Vanessa, Eddie, Sess, Shark, Kelson, all brethrens and sistrens inna de struggle for I and I. 

Nuff love to all artists, musicians, producers and record labels blazing a fire for truths in St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John inna this time

Special mention to every supporter of this word and sound all over the Earth.  The Conquering Lion of Judah shall break every chain. 

Album Reviews

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