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Ras Attitude
Love Life
Sound V.I.Zion Records
Ras Attitude - Love Life

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Love Life is the second album of Ras Attitude.  This Sound V.I.Zion Records release includes combinations with Mosiah, Kittens, Batch, Mada Nile and Ambassada.

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Track List:

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War To Win

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Guiding Star

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Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego

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Love Life

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What Would We Do (feat. Kittens)

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Bun Dem

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Ithiopia Alone

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Brethren Sistren (feat. Batch &
Mada Nile)

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David & Goliath (feat. Mosiah)

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Jah Love

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Stop Chat

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Free (feat. Batch & Ambassada)

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Black Woman

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Musicians & Credits

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All Instruments and arrangements by Batch except:
Guitar on War To Win, Bun Dem & Mama: Laurent "Tippy" Alfred
Guitar on Shadrach, Black Woman, What Would We Do & Brethren: Eddie Beazer
Bass on War To Win, Black Woman, What Would We Do & Free: Adlai Sutton
Sax on Love Life & Free: Adlai Sutton
Percussion on Love Life & Free: Jamaki Knight

Executive Producer: Sound V.I.Zion Records
Production: Batch
Graphic Design & Layout: Norma Cumberbatch - Virtuous Graphics

Liner Notes

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First and foremost give thanks to His Imperial Majesty JAH for this talent and opportunity to sing, and teach to the world his prophecy.  Thanks to my mom, Harella Goodwin and dad, St. Clair Goodwin.  My brothers Bev, Scrapp, Eddie Mac, Carly, Jamie, Shaggy, Carnist. My sister Carla.  Queen momma Shela Gray, Empress Nyree and my children Michael Jr., Jahnylah, and Zion for all their support.  And all my n/n.   Bless up all my people from Mon Bijou, Grove, Williams' Delight, Chabbert, Kennedy, Safarall, Strawberry, Castle, the whole a St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John and the VI.   Bless up brother Luciano, Princess Makedah, and brother Mikey General for your guidance. Bless up Simpleman, Warhouse, Omani, Darvin, Bubble, Ganzi, Wap, Triman, DD, Apostle, Jah Man, Champpy, Star Lion Fam, Brother Bobby, Beniyah, Taximan Steve, King James, Tec 9 Family, Cazz, General, Terria, AK Western, etc, Ayinde, and the Vegetarian Creation rest., Icon Sounds, Valleyman Sound, Lion Heart Sound, Tahliah Rest., Mac 10 Sounds, Rock Amazing, Ruff Rel,  Kattalist, Snipper, Black Russian Studios, Indigo Studios, Eternity Sounds, Trinity Sounds, Zion Roots, Mr. P, Devv, Nottz and the DMP Crew, DJ No Coubt, Dessert Storm Sound, Raffi, Lady Sham, Princess Ann, Cico, Bad Joe 103 Jamz, Final Touch Studio, Motion Band, Hands Off Band, Bush Malik, Kahry, Justice, Parris, Bashan, Nevill, UVI, NSU, NCU, Todd and Takesha, Renne Nikki, Jahoir, Guiding Starr Sounds, Sabbattical Ahdah, King Lion, Sleppy Wonder, Kittens, Sunshine and family, Mosiah, Chunky, Zuma, Judah, Positive.   Big up Virginia, and a special blessing to all the Goodwin family in Antigua. Big thanks to the whole Sound V.I.Zion Family.  Batch and empress Ima, Jerome, Andy, Mada Nile, Nazarite, Adlai.  Thank you all..... Jah Guide 

Album Reviews

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