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For The People

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For The People compiles XKaliba selections that have appeared on singles as well as on the compilations Black Star Liner and Itinual Jah, along with a couple of new tunes.

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Track List:

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Real Audio

Real Audio

1. United States of Ethiopia Real Audio 6.


Real Audio
2. Gone Up Real Audio 7.

Reggae Lives On

Real Audio
3. Extinction Real Audio 8.

Babylon Pon We Mind

Real Audio
4. Who? Real Audio 9.

Respect The Ladies

Real Audio
5. Mr. Problem Real Audio 10.

See & Know w/ Donny Dread & Yahadanai

Real Audio

Liner Notes

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Track 1 Recorded by (Neeko/France)
Track 2 Recorded by (U.K., One Harmony)
Tracks 3, 5, 6 & 7 Recorded by (Yabapot/Reggae Bubblers)
Track 4 Recorded by (BDV/Outhouse)
Tracks 8 & 9 (Groundbreaking Records)
Track 10 Recorded by (Tippy/I Grade)

Give thanks to the Most High and all who made it possible. 

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Album Reviews
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BigUp Radio:
XKaliba, also known as "Original Nine Fingers", the chanter from St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands has released his second album "For the People." It is full up of crucial tracks taken from the compilation albums "Black Star Liner" and "Itinual Jah" along with newer tunes that creates some real conscious music, "For the People". XKaliba's music is an authentic, Rastafari driven sound, enveloped inna roots and culture message. - More

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