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Various Artists
Weep Not
I Grade Records
V.A. - Weep Not

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I Grade Records' first compilation 'Weep Not' is a must have for STX roots lovers.  This album features 18 tracks from a dozen artists most of whom have never released materials before. 

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Track List:

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Midnite - Jah Umbrella

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Midnite - Daybreak

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Willimore Daniel - Warning

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Master Chang - Love Your Life

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Abja - Crucial Confession

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XKaliba - Baptize Inna De Ghetto

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Mash - Joy

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Willow - Calculate The Levels

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Midnite - Charge

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Midnite - Utta

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Willow - Manage

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Willimore Daniel - Behold

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Abadan - Sustain I

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Master Chang & Shepard - Hail Jah

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Donny Dread - Step Inna Right

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Midnite - Chant A Psalm

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Willow - Ancient Of Days

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Dezarie - Hosanna Jah

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Musicians & Credits

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Bass: Phillip Merchant, Kenyatta Itola, Laurent 'Tippy' Alfred, Laurent 'Tippy' Alfred
Drums: Phillip Merchant, Vaughn Benjamin, Laurent 'Tippy' Alfred, Matthew Miller, Dion 'Bosie' Hopkins
Guitar: Laurent 'Tippy' Alfred, Tuff Lion, Eric Williams, Vaughn Benjamin
Keyboards: Laurent 'Tippy' Alfred, Tuff Lion, Eric Williams, Vaughn Benjamin, Ankh Watep
Percussion: Vaughn Benjamin, Matthew Miller, Kenyatta, Laurent 'Tippy' Alfred
Clavinet: Donnie Dread
Piano: Vaughn Benjamin

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All Lyrics and Vocals by the artists themselves
Recorded and, Mixed by Laurent 'Tippy' Alfred
Published by I Grade Music
Distributed by I Grade Records and Natural Mystic
Graphic Design: Mark "Feijao: Milligan II - Soul Indigo

Liner Notes

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weepnothim2.jpg (6545 bytes)All praises and Honor to His Imperial Majesty, KING HAILE SELASSIE I - the supreme inspiration for all of I and I works of truth and right. 

Give nuff thanks to all the singers and players of instruments who made this compilation possible.  Raspect Due: Afrikan Roots Lab, Bambu Station, The Glamorous crew, Groundbreaking Records, Jacob Seed, the Sound V.I. Zion family, Star Lion Family, Dean Pond, Natural Mystic, Pure Light Seed, Natural Dimensions, PTP, Boy Blue, Bishop, Danny I, Malachi, Dale Melody, Eristus, Ras I Gee, Gregory, Uzziyahu, Kristen, Arif, Adonijah, Abba Shaka, Twinsound, DJ Swain, Rudeboy Ralph, DJ Pops, Babz, Ras Manny, Ras Regg, and all those who spread the word sound and power of consciousness throughout the V.I. and the world in this time. 

Contact Info:
I Grade RecordsI Grade Productions
P.O. Box 3281
Christiansted, St. Croix
U.S.V.I.  00820

STX Tel: (340) 773-6628
USA Tel: (646) 226-1738

Weep Not - Promo Poster

More Music from I Grade

Midnite I Grade - Let Live

Yahadanai - One Atonement

Abja - Inna Red I Hour

Midnite I Grade - Vijan

Midnite Branch I - Geoman

Midnite I Grade - Assini

Dezarie - Fya

Midnite I Grade - Nemozian Rasta

Album Reviews
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The release of Weep Not by I Grade Records punctuates a year in which the conscious roots music of St. Croix emerged as a prominent force in reggae music. No less than 6 "cruz"cial albums were released in 2002: Assini, Culturellinnium II, Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance, Talkin' Roots, The Cipheraw, and now Weep Not

When it comes to solid roots music, Midnite soars to levels that are unprecedented in reggae music.  And Weep Not does not disappoint, with 5 selection that feature the mystic voice of Midnite's Vaughn Benjamin.  Vaughn's unmistakable voice is also lent to Willmore Daniel's crucial 'Warning'.  Weep Not includes 3 other excellent songs by artists that are new to this listener - Abja's 'Crucial Confession', Abadan's 'Sustain I' and the Mash selection 'Joy'.  

Weep Not is unique in that it features conscious lyrics over diverse riddims ranging from dancehall sound of 'Manage' to the R&B flavored 'Step Inna Right' to the nyahbinghi style of 'Chant A Psalm'. And Weep Not culminates with the incredible voice of Dezarie giving thanx and praise unto the most high on 'Hosanna Jah'.  Her debut album FYA, released by I Grade Records late last fall, rates as one of the year's best.   And be on the lookout for the release of Dezarie's new album 'Gracious Mama Africa' which should be out any day now.

Daniel (RAW#495)

Reggae Vibes:
The reggae music coming out of St.Croix in the US Virgin Islands has begun to make the world take notice of the island's wide range of talent, skill and creativity. On I Grade Records' latest release you will find the outings of leading artists as well as a number of new-and-upcoming talents. - More

Reggae Reviews:
Weep Not is a righteous, avant-garde mix of roots, dancehall, and jazzy experimentalism from the I Grade label featuring their biggest stars Midnite and Dezarie, along with a host of newcomers from the Virgin Islands.  Midnite kicks things off with one of the strongest tracks here, "Jah Umbrella," which honestly sounds like several of their other songs -- with its semi-melodic, rapid-fire lines punctuated by a relaxed harmony and propelled by a driving bass -- but it's such a great sound, you have to go with it. - More



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