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I Grade Records
Dezarie - Fya

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I Grade Records brings you the debut album Fya from roots empress Dezarie.  This critical release contains 15 stunning tracks several of which were initially released on Nemozian Rasta.

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Track List:

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Walk Wid Me

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Don't Cry

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Jah Throne

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Most High

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Mind Yu Own

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Love Yourself

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Sing Out

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Flesh And Bone

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Iron Sharpen Iron

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Fya Dub

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All Ova

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Musicians & Credits

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Bass: Kenyatta, Phillip Merchant
Drums: Phillip Merchant, Dion Hopkins
Guitar: Laurent 'Tippy' Alfred, Tuff Lion
Keyboards: Ron Benjamin, Vaughn Benjamin, Laurent 'Tippy' Alfred, Tuff Lion, Watep, Eric Williams
Percussion: Vaughn Benjamin

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All Lyrics and Vocals by Dezarie except 'All Ova' by Vaughn Benjamin
Recorded, Mixed and Executive Produced by Laurent 'Tippy' Alfred
Graphic Design: Feijao

Liner Notes

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Dezarie's spirit was resurrected on the exquisite island of St. Croix, where as a young princess she took part in various church and school choirs that would later aid in developing her unique vocal abilities.  Through time and space she relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, where her teen experiences would open up a new world where she discovered her life's duty was to sing. Along the trod to spread the message of truth, she became inspired by an array of artists, such as The Mighty Burning Spear, Vaughn Benjamin, Israel Vibration, Culture and an array of other foundation roots singers.  Despite the trials and tribulations of everyday survival, through the grace of Jah she managed to capture the award of Best New Female Reggae Artist 2001, in Atlanta, GA.  Dezarie commits her work to telling the truth to ones that have ears to hear by advocating herself as an instrument of the Most High God.  Dezarie's main goal is to broaden minds, in the hopes of awakening weary souls from their sleeping slumbers to accompany her on a spiritual journey to Zion on the train of Words, Prayers & Power.


Firstly, I would like to give eternal thanks unto the Most High Jah, Rastafari: Creator of all things.   Special thanks to Orville Brian, Ms. Zie, all my sisters by blood and spirit.  I would also give thanks to Tippy Alfred, Phil, Kenyatta, Bosie, Feijao, Sajata, Stacy Hodge, Glamorous Records, Tuff Lion, Jah Soldias Crew, Ron Benjamin, Beastie, DD, Queen Rahsheeda, Laura Diaz, Andy & to everyone that has showed me love in various ways.  One Big Blessed Thanks to The Lovely People of St. Croix for thier cherished support, advice and love.  Blessed Love to the VI, Jamaica, Atlanta, New York, Florida, and to All Africans, those at home and abroad.  Jah Rastafari, May Peace and Blessings Reign. 

Contact Info:
I Grade RecordsI Grade Productions
P.O. Box 3281
Christiansted, St. Croix
U.S.V.I.  00820

STX Tel: (340) 773-6628
USA Tel: (646) 226-1738

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Album Reviews
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There is refreshingly clean and pure new sound sweeping across the Caribbean.  Emerging from the Virgin Island of St. Croix comes Dezarie, the roots artist whose hypnotic and tantalizing voice are featured on the critically acclaimed album FYA.   This recent collaboration between I Grade Records and the Midnite band features 15 killer tracks that resonate with pure consciousness.  Dezarie has a mesmerizing voice that is more reminiscent of music originating from Africa than reggae.

FYA is a musical masterpiece in which syncopated guitar rhythms are interlaced with powerful bass lines creating a classic roots style. Dezarie's mystical voice weaves through the rhythms to form an exotic infiltrating musical experience.  Dezarie exposes her spiritual reverence on such powerful tracks as Zion, Most High and Jah Throne, while crying out for upliftment and self determination on Queen Omega and Mind Yu Own

Though FYA is Dezarie's first full-length album, her immaculate voice can also be heard on several songs from Nemozian Rasta.  This crucial I Grade Records release of last year also features the musical mastery of Midnite.  She captured the award of Best New Reggae Artist at the 2001 Atlanta Caribbean Music Awards. 

Dezarie provides a breath of fresh air In an industry sorely lacking in conscious roots music from the empresses.  Her mysterious vocal style are combined with incisive lyrics and wicked beats to make FYA the first non-jamaican album to ever climb to the number one position in Ireggae's Top Ten.

Daniel (RAW#495)

Reggae Vibes:
’s capitivating debut album "Fya" is a rather interesting album packed with conscious and spiritual music, which heralds the arrival of a new female voice to the roots scene. - More

Reggae Reviews:
Jaw-dropping is the word that first comes to mind when describing newcomer Dezarie's debut Fya.  With lyrics and melodies penned by her and music constructed by I Grade and members of Midnite, the songs on this album are nothing short of amazing. - More



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