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Two St. Croix born sisters come together, with  Arvian 'Sparkles' Nelson-Duval's vocals and dub poetry from Stephanie 'Empress Auset' Nelson to form Positively Nelson

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No More Tumble Weed is the debut album from Positively Nelsons.  Released in the summer of 2005, the 11 tracks on this CD feature some melodic vocals from 'Sparkles' and motivating dub poetry from 'Empress Auset'.  2006 saw the release of Wait A Minute, with Know Where You're Going being released in 2008.  Their latest is So Let Dem Talk which was released in 2009.  Several Positively Nelsons tracks also appearing on Black Star Liner Vol. 3


Positively Nelsons - No More Tumble Weed

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Born to Mr. And Mrs. Adolphus and Henrietta Nelson in St. Croix USVI, Arvian is the youngest among her siblings Bridget Nelson Hodge, Stephanie “Empress Auset” Nelson and Terrence “Positive” Nelson.  She attended St. Croix Central High School from 1987 – 1989 and completed her 12th grade year at Enloe High School in Raleigh, NC in 1990 where she graduated and obtained her High School Diploma.  She graduated suma cum laude from St. Augustine’s College in Raleigh, NC and obtained a bachelors degree in Chemistry.  She later received a Masters degree with honors in Organic Chemistry from NC A&T State University in Greensboro, NC in 1997.

As a child, Arvian always had a fascination for singing, dancing, writing poetry, writing songs and becoming a chemist; she has managed to do all and successfully maintained them through the grace of GOD.  Her love for singing led her to becoming a songwriter at the age of 13 which she continues to do in her spare time.  Her songs encompass a variety of music genres and are typically based on realistic situations from personal experiences, experiences of others, local and global issues.

Arvian A.K.A. “Sparkles” and her sister, Stephanie A.K.A. “Empress Auset”, have often sung together for numerous events throughout the years.  After many years of singing together, in February of 2005 with persistence and determination from her sister Stephanie, they decided to come out with their own CD.  Collectively, they are called “Positively Nelsons”.  Their first CD entitled, “No More Tumble Weed” contains 11 tracks of a variety of styles and formats and is expected to be in selected stores on July 29, 2005.

Seen to be a well-rounded and fun individual, Arvian has been involved in a vast amount of activities and has held various positions including but not limited to choir director and youth director at The Altona Baptist Church in St. Croix USVI, choir director at Joy and Deliverance Christian Church in Raleigh, NC , choreographer for the Caribbean Cultural Explorers Dance Group in Raleigh, NC, assistant cook for Ethnic Cuisines Caribbean Catering in Raleigh, NC and the founder/sponsor of the Formal Caribbean Swareh and the Annual Island Fire Pageant in Raleigh, NC.

Currently, Arvian is a project manager with a pharmaceutical/biotech company in RTP, NC.  She is married to Garfield Duval and has two lovely children, Garian and Ariana Duval.



Stephanie Nelson better known as Empress Auset was born and raised on the auspicious island of St. Croix to Adolphus and Henrietta Nelson.   She attended St. Croix Central High School and is a proud graduated of the class of 1984. 

Stephanie attended college in St. Thomas, UVI and Saint Augustine’s College in Raleigh, North Carolina.   At Saint Augustine’s she was a member of Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.  Stephanie graduated Suma Cum Laude in 1990 from Saint Augustine’s College with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Later she attended Cambridge University where she studied for her master degree in Education.  

Stephanie is the proud mother of four boys; Trevon, Khalil, Carl-Michael Jr., and Zion.  Trevon “Island Shadow” Nelson, the former Jr. Calypso King for four consecutive years is the eldest of them all. 

Stephanie loves to sing.   She has been singing in church from a very young age to the current date.  Besides singing, some of her other hobbies include sewing, hair braiding, cooking and dancing. 

Her sister Arvian,  aka “Sparkles” and herself have been singing gospel duets, etc. for several years, both in St. Croix and North Carolina.

Stephanie and Arvian intend to keep on singing and blessing other people with the gift that God has bestowed upon them.   They thank God for all that he has done thus far and recognize that he is the omnipotent one.  Whether you call him Jah, God or otherwise, there is only one and everyone needs to recognize that, says the sisters.  Stephanie and Arvian give him praise and honor for all their accomplishments in life.

Positively Nelsons

Album Reviews

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No More Tumble Weed:
Bob & The Showgram
From the Virgin Islands to Good Ol' NC, sing/songwriter Arvian Duval fronts the Raleigh Reggae act Positively Nelsons. The new album, "No More Tumble Weed," fuses wicked Jamaican Roots with Hot US Licks. This is premium underground.but not for long.  Get the album at Raleigh's Jamaican Marketplace, or drop Arvian a line. - More

Big Up Radio:
Arvian 'Sparkles' Nelson-Duval and Stephanie 'Empress Auset' are …Positively Nelson. This is there debut album from di Nelson sista's realeased in the summer of 2005. Melody vocals by 'Sparkles' and the motivating concious dub poetry from Sista ‘Empress Auset'. - More
The duo of Stephanie "Empress Auset" Nelson and Arvian "Sparkles" Nelson records as Positively Nelsons, and No More Tumble Weed is an impressive debut. Although they do tend to get a little bit preachy, they're so charmingly open-hearted that it's easy to forgive the sometimes finger-wagging tone of the lyrics.  - More  

Dread Vibration:
Arvian’Sparkles’Nelson-Duval and Stephanie’Empress Auset’ Are,…Positively Nelson. This is there debut album from di Nelson sista’s realeased in the summer of 2005. Melody vocals by ‘Sparkles’ and the motivating concious dub poetry from Sista ‘Empress Auset’. - More

Wait A Minute:
Dread Vibration
Give thanx to di most high for granting di Nelson Sista’s di inspiration to set up yet another great album,…Blessed!!! Wait a minute is the second album by these sweet voiced Sisten, from st.croix. An mi haffi seh, I man love it,….just like the first one called No more Tumbleweed(2005). I can hear how dem a grow from that time,but also that they had their share of problems/Difficulties/Hardship, as you can hear in the first tune of this album,wich in a way is a biograp. - More  

Know Where You're Going:
Big Up Radio
After delivering two CD's awredi called No More Tumble Weed (released July 2005) an di second one, Wait A Minute (released July 2006) which I could not rate under 5.0.I man haffi seh, dem do it again! Positively Nelsons, Arvian "Sparkles" Nelson Duval an Stephanie"Empress Ausset" Nelson, Raaspec mi Sistren!. - More  


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Positively Nelsons


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