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Poverty Struggle
Splatter House Records
Jahman - Poverty Struggle

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Splatter House Records presents Jahman's debut album Poverty Struggle.  Musically diverse, Poverty Struggle is certain to be enjoyed by lovers of dancehall, hip-hop and roots music.

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Track List:

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Start Live

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Poverty Struggle

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Chosen Few

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Golden Seal

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Rub A Dub Dub

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Guiding Star w/ Youngblood

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Melanin Juice

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Jump Up

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Jah Love w/ Duce

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Control Of We Own

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Know Me

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Production Credits

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Executive Producer: J. Carrington
Producers: Marcus Reynold and Marc Rose
Recording Engineer: Wayne Samuels
Recorded at Dog House Studios
Mixed at Dog House Studios
Mastered at: Hit Factory Studios
Graphic Design: Marc Rose
Photography: Chic Photography
Published by Splatter House Music/Kasmik Music (BMI)

Liner Notes

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First thanks to the most high H.I.M. His Imperial Majesty Emperor Selassie I for giving me the faith, strength, patience and courage to keep on moving in a positive way.  For in these times of recession, a clean heart, your inner belief along with your charitable works might be the only prayer to save us all.  Blessings goes out to my whole family, my Empress Ebony, my mother, my father, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and especially my grandmother who raised me. - Jahman

Big up to de G-Street crew... Castro, Pad Mo, Psyco, Lil Wayne, Jah Rich, Zeff Fingar, Malaki, Derrick, DeYoung, Nut, Snaggle, Rudy, Mad Comach, Slim Shady, Matola, Hasamid, Shack Air, Kyser, Ash Cash, Palo, Jamal, Hezee, Zone, Eight Ball, Juni, Dragon, Lil Bari, Jah Heart, and Jah Lion.  Big up de West... B.T., Gummy, Mege, Cricket, Popa, Connie, Quince, Bingi, Sinco, Neres, Raymond, Mitch, Crusian, Skully, Mario, and Ranking.  Big up Contant... Comel, Kenty, Billy, Yellaw, Willy, Mead, Shawn, Jahmal, King Jred, Vincia Esso Kuwaite Oil, Bob love Hakele, Tash, Rockadock, Osa, Phantom, Rasheed, Keishell, Kenya, Chantel, and Tina.  Big up Vernell, Tamika, Mamma, Jennifer, Kim, Candon, Carol, Tonya, Tina, Muerica and the IRB crew (Debbie, Tammy, Calender, Shelly, Yvonne, Rose, Sylvani, Jennifer, Millie, Carol, Marie, Gail, Alicia, Lois, Tempo, Petty, Sandra, Colette, Ramona, Paulette).  Big up Savan... Jadus, Rubber, Deno, Tony, Myers, Farmal, Wackad, Ounkas, Buda, Yamba, Lion, Ziggy, Teaga, Exodus, Mega, Basham, Swabo, Lefty, and De get going crew.  Big up Round de Field... Janko, Vibes, Gotti, Malibu, Demus, Bruno, Cidrick, Snaty, Banky, and Junior.  Big up Housing & Ghettos... Tini, Otis, Wacamba, Bambula, Wa koo, Dekuma, Buffy, Tacuma, Shacka Boom, Skelly, Out Law, Shmo and Yasa.  Big up Bovoni & Thomasville... Robby Hashim, Debbie, Nayah, Merick and Ikarus.   Big up de A.T.L. crew... Section 8 Mob, Po, Midike, Debo, Drama, Benji, Robbie, Inchie and Tash.  Warm blessings goes out to all the other artists in the VI... Bashan, Ricky-T, Phantom Cat, Youngblood, Sensi, Psyco Dan, Sela Ranks, Ranking.  Not forgetting the Star Lion Family.   St. Croix... Crippleton, Heartless, Army, and Sabbattical Ahdah.  Whoever I miss peace, love and raspect!

Album Reviews

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