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Inner Visions
Blue Bitch Music
Inner Visions - Frontline

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Inner Visions and the Pickering family brings forth their fourth CD 'Frontline', an album filled with rocking riddims, heavy bass lines, and conscious lyrics for these troubled times.    

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Track List:

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Too Late

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Front Line

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Saturday Evening

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Everlasting Love

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She Said

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So Nice

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Mama (This Rose Is For You)

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Can You Feel It

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Musicians & Credits

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All tracks arranged and produced by "Inner Visions" and the true inspiration of the Most High God.
Recorded at: Digitech Recording Studio, PR
Mixed at: Digitech Recording Studio, PR
Recording and Mix Engineer: Heraldo Lopez
Mastered at: Sterling Sound
Mastering Engineer: Chris Beringer
Chant on "Can You Feel It": Mister Snooze
Falsetto Vocals on "So Nice": Jupiter
Hand Drums in "Frontline": Grasshopper
Cover Art Concept: Grasshopper
Sleave and Cover Graffics: Digital Dudes
Photos: Bob Lefferts Photography
Additional Players: Leroy 'Spikie, aka Spikening' Guiste, lead keyboards / accoustic guitar on "Saturday Evening"

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Special Thanks:

We'd first like to thank the Creator for his CONTINUED blessings.  We also want to Inner Visions - The Frontline Crewthank John Reny and his wonderful family, Jim, Beth and the Fitzgeralds Family, Denise (our #1 fan) and Michael, Sister Marquita and Sister Yanni, Ima, Sister Mushyia and family, Tunde and Family, Kenjah, Mike "D", and the entire crew at KNON radio in Dallas, TX, Sister Irie's "Conscious Party" Crew (Our new found family), Sandra Torres, Patty Watts and family, John Eicholz and Patty Waters, the Pickering, Samms and Guiste families, Lorna Nichols, Mauver Tyson, Kenneth and Machael Pickering, Postman Roger, Glenford Thomas and Family, Patrick of Arawak Productions, "Ash" Newton, Bernie Monsanto, Naomi Beylarian, Allison Smith, DJ's across the "Globe" who believe in the "Vision" of our music, Promoters and Presenters, and the Press who's reviews are truly helping to spread the word!   If in error we have forgotten anyone, please forgive!! __ IV

Liner Notes

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Inner Visions blends masterful, sensuous Caribbean Roots Reggae rhythms with conscious original lyrics that come from the hearts and souls, sending a powerful spiritual message of love, culture, truth and respect to our world.  Their pulsating music combines with their integrity as musicians and men to create exceptional role models for our youth, exemplifying determination, loyalty, hard work, honesty and family values.  I have personally observed Inner Visions humble climb over two decades to stardom and applaud their achievements with accolades of "well deserved" for their personal and professional efforts.  The magical words of their unsurpassed music inspire our society to check it's path of brotherhood for all races and cultures as the joyful children of JAH.

Allison S Smith, PH.D., Director People Moving Forward Foundation

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