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Inner Visions
Love One Another
Blue Bitch Music
Inner Visions - Love One Another

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Love One Another is the debut release from Inner Visions. Ras Paul and brothers Jupiter and Grasshopper Pickering have been playing VI Reggae as Inner Visions since the early 80's.  

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Track List:

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Black Or White (Reggae Unites)

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Reggae Music

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Love One Another

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School Daze

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Snow Queen

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Rock My Soul

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I Cry

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Cold, Cold Heart

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Slow Down

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Blow Down Babylon

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Musicians & Credits

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The Brothers
Paul H. Samms Percussion, Vocals
Alvin "Jupiter" Pickering Bass, Vocals, Drum Programs, Percussion
Phillip "Grasshopper" Pickering Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
The Players
Keyboards: "Funk" Gumbs, Beeble Callwood, Marcia Roper
Drum Programs: Furmer Blake

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All songs written and produced by Inner Visions
All arrangments by Inner Visions
Recorded at T.A.R.S. Recording Studio, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Recording Engineer: Arthur "Ash" Newton
Mixed by Arthur "Ash" Newton
Mastered at DMI, in Alabama
Photos by E.D. Farrell, Coral Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands
Rap on School Daze: Kurt "Black Majik" Marsh 

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Album Reviews

“Takes me back to my trips to St. John. This is home to this fabulous band. If you go there you may get lucky enough to see them perform live. If not, this is as good as it gets and almost like being there”……
Jonathon Iszard (Five star rating. Review taken from

“I heard Inner Visions in 1997 on vacation in the Virgin Islands and I have been addicted ever since”……
Denise Beal
Mansfield Center, CT

"You will be rewarded for your purchase of this ten track CD by Inner Visions”…
The Rastaman Times Special Edition

"It’s a worthy listen and a good example of alternative reggae”…
Bermuder Pete
Dub Missive Magazine

"Vocal quality-Very good, Backing-Very good, Very good Production and Sleve-Superb Sound, Superb Remarks: “Suprisingly wicked album from this (to us) unknown band. They play in a Bob Marley/Steel Pulse/ one drop style at times mixing it with unexpected influences- A promise for the future. Wonder if there are more materials out there?  If I bought this CD I would not be disappointed.  Inner Visions shows promise. We will keep watching for future works!”….
RAS Records, 1995 (Rating: Possible five stars of David) 
Sleve-5 Stars, 
Sounds-4 Stars 

Liner Notes

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On the Island of St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands something musical is happening in the little town of Cruz Bay.  At days' end we all gather and hang out at our local vegetable stand called "Nature's Nook" and reflect on the day

Visionaries in their own right, Inner Visions has found a way to mesh the timeless sounds of traditional roots, rock, reggae with a tingle of the more funky dance-hall style that is now sweeping across the globe.  The blend makes for a music that is alive, vibrant... very much today... very much now, yet packed with heart wrenching "you'd better stop and think about this" musical messages.  It's a careful, yet spontaneous mix of the old and the new.

By no means new on the music scene, Inner Visions for the past 16 years has rocked the hearts and souls of fans in the Caribbean and the United States, especially those who love and appreciate roots and culture music yet yearn for the rich, racy elements of the present music culture.  The group, though Caribbean based, possesses a worldly, international flavor and verve.

Inner Visions has the ability to see beyond the hype.  So... get ready to boogie, get ready to funk, get ready to rock so and  rock so, but mostly get ready for some hard core conscious eye-opening lyrics... forever.

Gwarn Inner Visions... Ya gone clear! - Chinawe Osaze

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"Visions" Speaks

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"Is there no peace and love to find?  Isn't this madness blowing your mind?" - Ras Paul Samms
"I wish we all can be kind to each other.  Tender-hearted, forgiving, and not cold-hearted, is the law of Jah... Live it, and LOVE ONE ANOTHER." - Alvin "Jupiter" Pickering
Respect... without it there is no love.  Give respect to the wayward and the meek, for they shall inherit the earth! So Jah say!" - Phillip "Grasshopper" Pickering

Special thanks to: J. Ross, Chinawe Osaze, Dexter, Allison, Sadie, Mauver, Ray-4, Jens and Irma Pickering, Donalee, Keith and Martha Frye, B. McCoy, Carl Freeman, Jackie Abaham (our manager) Betty Weiss (dreadlocks logo concept), Evette Jordan and all Atlanta and Puerto Rico massives.  Much love goes out to all our undying fans, both at home and abroad.  If we have forgotten anyone, please, please forgive.  Your support has been greatly appreciated.  Thanks - I.V.


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