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Inner Visions
Street Corner Musicians
Blue Bitch Music
Inner Visions - Street Corner Musicians

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Inner Visions returns with Street Corner Musicians, their third album released to date.  For this CD, brothers Jupiter and Grasshopper and joined by their sons Akiba and Aswad.  

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Track List:

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Just A Matter Of Time

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Hold On To What Ya Got

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Street Corner Musicians

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L's Lament

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Ain't It The Truth

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My Father's Prayer

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Kindred Journey

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No More Tears To Cry

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Black Sheep

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Snow Queen

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Musicians & Credits

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The Brothers
Paul H. Samms Percussion, Vocals
Alvin "Jupiter" Pickering Bass, Vocals, Drum Programs, Percussion
Phillip "Grasshopper" Pickering Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
The Players
Leroy "Spikie" Guiste Keyboards, Background Vocals
Akiba Pickering Keyboards
Aswad Pickering Drums
Furmer Blake Drum Programs

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All songs written and produced by Inner Visions
Recorded and Mixed at Digitech Recording in Puerto Rico
Mastered at The Hit Factory in New York.

Liner Notes

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How can I describe Inner Visions without being too wordy?

Even before actually meeting this neat group of guys, I had heard wonderful things about them.  So much so, I had to go see for myself what the Inner Visions waves were all about?  I caught their performance while they were headlining the Bob Marley Festival Tour in Houston, TX.  The results were magical!  I never knew what hit me, their unique Roots Reggae sound along with their energetic electrifying stage performance totally blew me away.  Me a seasoned Jamaican Reggae enthusiast! I was so impressed by Inner Visions and how they connected with their audience that I was enticed to join the waves of Inner Visions fans worldwide in riding Inner Visions musical waves.  Inner Visions;' Grasshopper on Guitar accentuated with his Angelic Sweet Lead Vocals.  Ras Paul, not only giving us something unique with his Authoritative "listen to what I say" Lead Vocals, he is a master Percussionist, Jupiter, decorate the two lead vocals with backing vocals and plays a mean bass, these guys are Harmonic Geniuses.  They have the unique ability to catch the hearts and attention of their audience of all age groups and hold on to it.   Many a times I've witnessed fans refusal to leave after an Inner Visions concert.   Singing right along with Inner Visions hit songs, Shala la! taken from their "Spiritual Dancer CD" and Love on another taken from their "Love One Another CD"  to an all time Texas favorite "Snow Queen".  It proves that the message must be in their music, spreading the Love that only Inner Visions are capable of.  Proving without a doubt that they are the Caribbean Masters of Reggae!

Mushiya Felecia Strickland, Jobe Enterprises
Co-Host with Ima Uwagbai, African Forum KNON 89.3 Irie FM Dallas

Let us give a hearty thanks to the CREATOR in whatever form you see fit to praise him, for we all know without him NOTHING is truly possible.

Then, as INNER VISIONS, we'd like to thank John E. Reny and family, Steve ivsc2.jpg (21331 bytes)Abraham at Cool Breeze, Buck at Digital Dudes, Fermer Blake, Elroy Connor and the crew at Natures Nook, Patty Watts of Radiant Enterprises and our extended State side Family, Judith and Kibo for the love, Kenneth and Machael (We love ya!), John Johnson, George "Papa Smurff" Small, Benty, Boyson Inc., James Paul, Nichols at TV2, Naomi Baylarian at Moko Jumbi N' Fren Dem, Denise Beal our #1 fan, Cassandra Farmer, DJ's around the world (Thanks for the push! Nothing happens without you), Muchia "The Reggae Princess", The Samms, Pickering, and Guiste Families for the support and to all Inner Visions fans everywhere who have stuck by our side with words of encouragement all these years.   It's because of you we do it!  If we have forgotten anyone Please understand it was not intentional.  We do appreciate the love.  Thank You!  Inner Visions

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Album Reviews

“Once you slip this CD into your player, I think the chances are pretty good that you’ll say:  “Now that’s what I call Reggae!”……
DJ Edward Burke
St. Michael’s College, WWPV 88.7 FM,
Colchester VT

“This CD is packed full of nice and sweet feel good music. Definitely Five Stars!”…
Brittany La Croix USA (Five Star Rating,

"Inner Visions Has it all! As always with Inner Visions; concious lyrics, sweet harmony and moving rhythm!…..
Reggae Fan
Mansfield Center, CT (Five Star Rating,

“All I can say is aaaaAAAAHHHHH! This new CD is awesome!”……..
Joe Mongie
St. John USVI

“It Just lives in my CD player”………..
Cruz Bay, St. John

"I just love My “FATHER’S PRAYER.” It’s also a favorite here at KNON 89. 3 Dallas TX!”…
Felicia Strickland
KNON Reggae DJ and PR Person
JOBE Enterprises



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