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Inner Visions
Spiritual Dancer
Blue Bitch Music
Inner Visions - Spiritual Dancer

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Inner Visions starts the millennium off with their second album Spiritual Dancer.  Released on Blue Bitch (a VI stone) Music, the CD includes the anthem Shala-La.  

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Track List:

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Spiritual Dancer

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Take It Easy

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Whip Them

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Cool It Down

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Cool Reggae Rhythm

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Everbody Talks

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Spiritual Interlude

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Easy On The Road

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Stand Up

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Shala-La Club Mix

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Pack Up Yo Bundle

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Good Loving

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Musicians & Credits

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The Brothers
Paul H. Samms Percussion, Vocals
Alvin "Jupiter" Pickering Bass, Vocals, Drum Programs, Percussion
Phillip "Grasshopper" Pickering Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
The Players
Leroy "Spikie" Guiste Keyboards, Percussion, Background Vocals
Joseph "Kibo" Challenger Drums, Percussion
Ricky "Ricky-T" Joseph Dance Hall D.J. on "Shala-la" Club Mix

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All music written and produced by Inner Visions
All tracks arranged and produced for Blue Bitch
Recorded and Mixed at Digitech Recording in Puerto Rico
Mixed at Patchwerk Recording Studio in Atlanta
Mixing Engineer: Mike Wilson
Mastered at The Hit Factory in New York
Mastering Engineer: Tony Gillis
Cover Art Concept: Grasshopper
Cover Art: C.E. Bass
Jacket Graphics: Digital Dudes
Photos: E.D. Farrell (group shot), Irvin Connor (individual shots)

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Album Reviews

"I saw Inner Visions live on St. John Virgin Island and they are amazing! It’s rare to find a quality Roots Reggae Band these days when all I seem to hear is Dance Hall. I guarantee after one listen you will be hooked and selling them to your friends”…..
Jonathon Iszard
Trenton NJ  (Review from Rating: Five Stars)

"This Album portrays an amazing amount of talent from everyone involved-it’s awesome!”…….
Round Pond, ME

“Hottest Reggae Band I’ve ever seen in years! Inner Visions performed reggae like I have not heard in a long time! Their songs are visionary and  they sing from the heart! “Spiritual Dancer” and “Good loving” just blew me away. If you have this CD, you simply must also get their CD entitled “Love One Another”……
A Music Fan
Washington DC (Review from Rating: Five Stars)

"Guys I just slipped it in and found the spiritual medicine in proper quality and quantity!….  Sorry, I can’t review any further as I must “REWIND and COME AGAIN-” but trust me, GET THIS CD! IT’S WORTH IT! …….
Robert Luke McCrary, Morning DJ
St. Thomas USVI.rm

Liner Notes

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On the Island of St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands something musical is happening in the little town of Cruz Bay.  At days' end we all gather and hang out at our local vegetable stand called "Nature's Nook" and reflect on the day

Somehow the topic would always turn to music - a "glue" of sorts that mends a myriad of broken pieces in our lives.  Inner Visions has always been that glue for us.  They are our brothers, sons, fathers, husbands, and friends.   They are musical pioneers past and future.  They sing of undying positiveness.   They sing the most profound lyrics, that lift us to a higher plane.

The songs: "Spiritual Dancer" is bar none a brilliant tribute to Brother "Bob Marley", "Shala-la" reminds us why we fall in love, "Whip Them" teaches us, "Good Loving" makes us "whine" our bodies to it's rambunctious rhythm! Listen to the songs and store their messages in your hearts and minds to keep with you always.

To "Grasshopper", "Ras Paul", Jupiter", and their crew "Spikie and Kibo" - Love One Another because "Love Is A Must".   Together you will "Blow Down Babylon!!!" Love and Peace, Lorna "Winkie" Nichols

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to the Most High....First!! He has set his plan in motion and like the morning chases the night, we must remove that darkness from our hearts replacing it with the light of love!

Thanks also to the following people who have stood with us through it all: George "Papa Smurff" Small, Evans "Smilie" Dorway, Lorna Nichold, Keith and Martha Frye, Mauver Tyson, E.D. Farrell, Irvin Connor, Ricky-T, E-Bass, "Spikie" and "Kibo", Carl Freeman, John Johnson, Boyson Inc., Maurice "Tippa" Charlery, J. Ross, Jens and Irma Pickering, Judith Guiste, Bucky at Digital Dudes, Esperanza Pickering, Laura Samms, Marcia Pickering, Sandra Challenger, Torey Treson, Nature's Nook, James Paul and D.J.'s who definately run things. Last but the most treasured is our fans.  You've kept the light burning these twenty years.  If in error we have forgotten anyone, please forgive.... I.V.

Jupiter Speaks:
"All thanks and praises to Elohim Yah Weh... [my god] for allowing me to be a part of the musical experience."

Ras Paul Speaks:
"Why are we making and creating weapons of destruction that will only cause human reduction?"

Grasshopper Speaks:
"Give me the strength my Father to sing these songs and give me the wisdom to right my wrongs!"

For my special friend and others like her, who like fruits have been bruised for life by an unconscious weak spirit.



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