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Live 94117

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Rastafaria brings you Live 94117, the first live recordings ever release by Midnite.  This CD captures nine songs of Midnite's awesome set at The Independent in San Francisco on October 8, 2007

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Track List:

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Real Audio

Real Audio

1. (intro) He Is Jah Real Audio 6.

I Chant

Real Audio
2. Rasta Man Still Stand Real Audio 7.

Blue Lotus

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Real Audio 8.


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4. Listen Real Audio 9.

Batter Ram Sound

Real Audio
5. Lianess Real Audio

Liner Notes

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Vaughn Benjamin Words & Vocals
Ron Benjamin Bass & Vocals
Christian (Sly) Molia-Curet Drums
Edmund Fieulleteau Guitar
Wayne (Ankh Wattep) Keyboards, Background Vocals
Edwin Byron Guitar

Afrikan Roots Lab
Publishing BMI / Schethlya Publishing BMI
and Mixed live by John Karr 10.8.2007 94117
CD Packaging: Preston Powell
Booklet Art: Junior Daniel
Graphic Design: Jonathan Siegel

Rastafaria Recordings
P.O. Box 720
Nyack, NY  10960
(845) 353-8505

For Midnite Booking contact:
Preston Powell
(800) 899-6864

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Album Reviews
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VI Roots:
This is the first installment in the very long-awaited live album series from Midnite. This is a live concert recorded in San Francisco in October 2007, featuring the current line-up of Midnite musicians. The Midnite sound is in full-effect during this well-mixed concert, with the classic heavy bass lines courtesy of Ron Benjamin, powerful drumming of Sly, bubbling keys of Ankwatep, the crisp guitar work of Edmund and Edwin and of course the ever-powerful lyrical and vocal delivery of Vaughn Benjamin. As the first of its kind, this Live album is a must-have. - More

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