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Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance
Afrikan Roots Lab
Midnite - Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance

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Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance is the fourth album released by Midnite.  This  13 track CD continues Midnite's tradition of deep and insightful lyrics and outstanding vocals that are masterfully wedded with heavy roots bass lines.

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Musicians & Credits

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Musicians - Midnite:
Vaughn Benjamin Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Percussion
Ron Benjamin Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion, Lead & Background Vocals
Phillip Merchant Bass
Dion Hopkins Drums
Abijah Hicks Guitar
Additional Musicians:
Whealan Masicott Guitar

Recorded and mixed at Afrikan Roots Lab by Ron Benjamin
All songs written and produced by Midnite
Artwork by Ninja

Graphic Design: Vision Graphics

Afrikan Roots Lab, Inc.
P.O. Box 8433, Sunny Isle
St. Croix, VI  00823
(340) 692-5613

Midnite - Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance Buy CD

Track List:

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VI Reggae is pleased to offer a multimedia presentation of the music and lyrics of some songs on Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance.  Watch these presentations, read the lyrics, or just run the music by selecting the appropriate icon.

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Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance

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Ras For A Reason

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You Don't Know Me

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New Life

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Late Night Ghetto

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Dagger Man

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In 8

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Jah Ovah

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Kingdom Trees

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That's On You (Owna Dirt)

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One Shout

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Weed Burn

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Album Reviews

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Skank Productions:
Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance,” Midnite’s 4th release since its debut in 1997, is truly another classic from this St. Croix quintet. As was the case with their previous release, “Jubilees Of Zion,” this new masterpiece was recorded in their homeland of St. Croix at their Afrikan Roots Lab studios.- More

Reggae Reviews:
Thanks to what is approaching a Sizzla-like pace of releasing albums over the past couple of years, Midnite has finally released enough material for me to feel comfortable saying that they are my favorite reggae act today. - More

Celebrity Plus:
A new sound is on the horizon. It is Midnite, not the time of day, but the wicked Reggae group out of St. Croix, Virgin Island. A five-member band with a driving reggae sound and lyrics to die for. - More

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Liner Notes

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1. "The whole ghetto mourns at your sentence Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance" - Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance
2. "I man like aloe ina dem mouth because sometimes the bitter is a healing" - Ras For A Reason
3. "Two negative signs is an equal sign = multiply double negative you get a positive all the time" - You Don't Know Me
4. "This miracle of life I know has been placed in our hands" - New Life
5. "Bring her the fruits from the sun" - Late Night Ghetto
6. "Rasta man a read and so de fine print highlight" - Dagger Man
7. "The same ones who donate, detonate ironically" - Urt
8. "They did not use the name of the father to balance his creation celestially and they came out of sync with the vibration pulse of harmony" - In 8
9. "Rastafari welcome and bless instead of dis and cuss" - Jah Ovah
10. "To humble within wrong that is good spirit, that is rightous spirit" - Kingdom Trees
11. "I can't feel sorrow for no wicked man for his own deeds created his sinking sand" - Owna Dirt
12. "I put a submission hold upon the mic.  Tell it it a go do almighty work yah tonight.  Feed all the hungry please" - One shout
13. "Looking for a couple more soldiers come mek we farm up de land yah inna solidarity" - Weed Burn

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