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Jubilees Of Zion
Afrikan Roots Lab
Midnite - Jubilees Of Zion

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Jubilees Of Zion is the first Midnite album recorded and mixed at Afrikan Roots Lab.  This album was originally released on the Midnite Roots Music label, and features some of the band's finest work to date.

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Musicians & Credits

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Musicians - Midnite:
Vaughn Benjamin Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Percussion
Ron Benjamin Keyboard, Background Vocals, Guitar
Phillip Merchant Bass
Dion Hopkins Drums
Abijah Hicks Guitar
Additional Musicians:
Whealan Masicott Guitar
Simpson Desbonnes Lead Guitar
Lidj Tafari Percussion

Recorded and mixed at Afrikan Roots Lab
Engineered by Ron Benjamin for Afrikan Roots Lab
Mastered by Dean Pond and Ron Benjamin
All songs written and produced by Midnite for Afrikan Roots Lab
Cover Design: Shariff Maddox
Artwork: Krishna Banawaree

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Track List:

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VI Reggae is pleased to offer a multimedia presentation of the music and lyrics of Jubilees Of Zion.  Watch these presentations, read the lyrics, or just run the music by selecting the appropriate icon.

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Jubilees Of Zion

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Birthright Is The Ticket

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Ras To The Bone

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Batter Ram Sound

Real Audio

Great Zimbabwe Walls

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Begin The Day

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Ring Out A Chant

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Southeastern Moon

Real Audio

You Make Me Feel

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Wrickta Scale

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Mighty Race

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Kings On The Clothesline

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White Collar Criminal

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Earth Cycle Now A Rasta

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Real Audio

Liner Notes

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In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God.

All praises due the almighty, the Might of the Trinity, conquering Man Lion of the tribe of Judah, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, through whom all things are possible.  Seek ye first the kingdom of Jah and all other things shall be added unto you.

Special thanks to Lorne "Bumpy" Maxime for your unwavering support.  Nuff respect to Ras Shalom for you hard work and perseverance.  Also thanks to Shenneth Canegata, and Sharrif Maddox for your countless hours and late night sessions of tiresome work.  To Krishna Banawaree give thanks for the original artwork.

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Album Reviews

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Reggae Reviews:
I hate to say that Jubilees of Zion is the weakest of Midnite's first 3 albums, because people might infer that it is a poor set, but that is far from the truth.  In fact, this is an excellent album that maintains the group's rich sound.   It's just that the songs aren't quite as consistently classic as they are on Ras Mek Peace and Unpolished (but they're damn close). - More


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