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Midnite - Unpolished

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Unpolished is a most suitably title for Midnite's initial album that was later rereleased by Rastafaria records.  Roots Reggae - naked and raw is perhaps the best description that can be given to the "classic" style of Midnite.

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Musicians & Credits

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Musicians - Midnite:
Vaughn Benjamin Lead Vocals, Percussion
Ron Benjamin Keyboard, Background Vocals, Guitar
Joe Straws Bass
Dion Hopkins Drums, Percussion

Recorded at East Coast Flavor recording studios, Washington D.C.
Engineered by Ron Benjamin and Yuri
Production Coordinator: Preston Powell for Jahsoul Productions

Design: C. Carroll

Nuff respect to Barry V. Lester for your support and Keith Ailer

Thanks to almighty Jah for the inspiration for all things - upright and everlasting Haile I

Business Contact:
Rastafaria c/o Preston Powell
112 West 72nd Street, Suite 2F
New York, NY  10023

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Track List:

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VI Reggae is pleased to offer a multimedia presentation of the music and lyrics of Unpolished.  Watch these presentations, read the lyrics, or just run the music by selecting the appropriate icon.

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Love The Life You Live

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The Eyes Are The Light

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Kaaba Stone

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Due Reward

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Don't Move (Lion's Dread)

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Meditation (Babylon Fruits)

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Mama Africa

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Time And Time Again

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Liner Notes

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The Almighty, the ancestors, and the current anciency be praised.  In this chronicle of earth's cycles, Babylon meet Selassie I disastrously shocking to see flesh surpass the utmost resilience as dignity.  The fascist world ambition of consolidated economic greed in need of both heating and cooling systems.   Secret societies manipulate the governing bodies of all nations.  To see composure compose warfare, a victory that made the unseen realms of evil genetic reversals shatta to know that compassion can be iron and conquer the bloodiest order.  Jah know ninety-eight point six degrees (98.6) of human warmth in body temperature to man tain in frigid cold is worldwide use up of parasitic delete.  So they invented manifest destiny.  They live to deny simple good to the meek with the stated purpose and permission of their god.

For no reason at all, for so I and I see forced resource sale, yes robbery.  Biological bombs crush out action disguised as pharmasue jacket remedy.  From the fourth generation Plato's ideal republic (five thousand legitimate citizens with twenty five thousand slaves per world colony) and we far exceeded that now.  Toasted recently the implementation of the last step to world domination.  Toast: carbon in alchemical secret praise.  If the sun say live who am I to deny you anything, a man in the earth as the manifest sign of the unchanged changer against the electron who is permanently negative as definition.  Selassie conquer the manifestation of such a demon vamp pyre.  The tree is light. 

- Vaughn Benjamin

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Album Reviews

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Worlds Music:
This is arguably the greatest reggae album ever made. The mistic and melodic vocals of Vaughn Benjamin is simply a genius at play. after listening to songs like "the eyes are the light" or "dont move(lion dread)", you will understand the dept of knowledge, overstanding,genius, passion, love and soul that midnite brings with this incrediable album and whats even more impressive is hearing them live and listening to there cd is indistguishable. - More

Reggae Source:
From the uprising St. Croix-based quintet Midnite comes Unpolished, a rare debut album. Beginning with "Bushman," a mesmerizing, one-away tune, the set's 10 tracks captivate with hypnotic Afrocentric incantations, chants and jams. Though the press notes liken the band's sound to Lucky Dube, another more subtle comparison describes their musical identity and spiritual foundation as well. - More

Inside World:
Midnite is a reggae music quintet that originates from the Virgin Islands. Musically, Midnite incorporates traditional reggae beats and grooves in the typical staccato fashion. However, Midnite's strongest talents are evidenced lyrically. Unpolished includes songs that deal with important topics, such as politics, violence, spirituality, greed and hope in times of utter despair. - More

Reggae Reviews:
Once again, wow.  If you thought that Ras Mek Peace and Jubilees of Zion were flukes, check out Unpolished.  It is every bit the equal of these other works.   Although it was released widely to the public on the Rastafaria label in 2001, it is actually Midnite's debut album (and one of the few that is fairly widely available).  At the risk of sounding repetitive, once again everything hits on all cylinders here: vocals, lyrics, music, everything. - More




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