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Name: Julien Cumberbatch
Residence: St. Croix


Sound V.I.Zion Records
P.O.Box 7256, Sunny Isle
St. Croix, U.S.V.I.  00823
(340) 719-0485


Batch is a multi-talented artist.  In addition to his vocal albums, Batch has also performed as lead singer and drummer of the reggae band Motion, as well as being the founder of Sound V.I.Zion Records.  Founded in 1999, this label provides music for the mind - strictly consciousness inna African musical liberation. 

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The Music

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Batch has performed on too many albums to list including Abja's 'Inna Red I Hour', the Midnite Branch I release 'He Is Jah' and all Sound V.I.Zion releases.  These include Batch's albums 'Know Thyself', 'Vizionary' 'I-ver Strong', 'Keep The Faith', 'Who You Are' and To The Root, the EPs 'The Life' and 'Jah Guidance', Ras Attitude's 'Love Life' and 'Happiness', Mada Nile's 'Rise Today' and the Culturellennium compilations.


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Born on the island of St. Croix, Batch became inspired by music at a very early age.  With exposure to musical Batchequipment and records he developed an interest in music.  As a teen he began playing drums and became exposed to other musical instruments at a church.  After completing school, Batch played professional gigs as a drummer first with Danny Tucker, a vintage roots singer out of Jamaica, then moving on as lead vocalist and drummer helping to form the reggae band Motion, along with brothers Eddie 'I-DE' and Reggie 'I-GE' Beazer in the city of Boston.  They went on to win Boston's Caribbean Best Reggae Band Award for five years consecutively as a supporting band and independently performing as Motion throughout the eastern U.S., sharing the stage with some of the strongest on the reggae scene such as Tony Rebel, Spragga Benz, Bushman, Buju Banton, Capleton, Anthony B, Determine Louie Culture to name a few.

Faith in Rastafari, Batch ventured into production and Sound V.I.Zion Records was established in 1999.  Strictly consciousness inna African musical Liberation, music for the mind. With the release of seven conscious CDs to date including two crucial solo albums "Who You Are" 2003 and "Keep The Faith" 2004, Batch continues to be one of St. Croix's most prolific singers, producers, and musicians.  Redeemer of the African Nation  Mental, physical and soul. 

Batch is currently touring alongside players of instruments knows as the band Zioniers, keep yuh ears and eyes intune for this Rasta Music movement.

Sound VIZion Records


Sound V.I.Zion Records
P.O.Box 7256, Sunny Isle
St. Croix, U.S.V.I.  00823
(340) 719-0485


Batch Interview
February 13, 2007

Oakland, California
Running Time: 42:43
Click on Image to hear Interview

Batch, Ras Attitude & Afyah at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival Press Conference June 18, 2005
SNWMF Press Conference - Batch, Ras Attitude & Afyah

Click image to hear Press Conference
Running Time:


Sound V.I.Zion recording artist Batch, has blessed us with two albums to date. Who you are, and Keep the Faith. Both of these albums are powerful lyrically and musically. Virginia reggae was very surprise to see Batch at the hurricane relief Benefit last month. We seize the opporunity to speak with Batch about his ablums and some of his life experience. - More

Album Reviews

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Know Thyself

Achi's Reggae Blog:
Ras Batch has already done so much in the music and continues to work his magic within the class of the absolute best of the modern era of Reggae music. As I've said in the past, the St. Croix Reggae wizard has, rather quietly, become a favourite of mine and I look at him largely now as having a style which, although ostensibly is very straight forward, is probably ahead of its time. I'm thinking that maybe twenty or thirty years on from now, you'll have fans, younger and older alike, suddenly coming to the realization that this singer who emerged in the early 2000's from out of the Virgin Islands and went by the name Batch, made some complete musical GEMS in his time. - More

To The Root

Batch’s latest release To the Root (Sound Vizion Records) follows in the path of a steady flow of quality modern roots releases out of the Virgin Islands. With the rhythm section of Bassist Phil “Pix” Merchant—of Midntie and Bambu Station fame—and Batch himself credited on 11 of 16 cuts, the album delivers with diverse and penetrating productions. - More


Reggae Vibes:
This gem produced by Revolution Sound and Batch and released by Itation Records will satisfy the ears of those roots reggae lovers. Although Batch is a limited singer this can hardly be a reason to do not pick up this album. The message is always uplifting and the riddims are top-notch, check for example the single "Wicked World" featuring Pressure and Ras Attitude. "Righteously Striving" ("Show Love" riddim) is the only tune on this release I already heard, all other songs are new to my ears. - More

Achi's Reggae Blog:
Besides being someone whose ability in Reggae music should be at this point UNQUESTIONABLE, Batch also holds the distinction of being one of the most consistent players in the game today: Its one thing to have the ability to do something special, but its yet another to do something special nearly every time out of the gate. Besides being an accomplished artist on his own, now six albums deep into his career (including this one), Batch is, and was primarily known as for quite awhile before picking up the mic, maybe even a better producer/arranger in the business having produced for the best and biggest names in the Virgin Islands Reggae scene (including a Midnite album, He Is Jah from 2003). - More


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