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Eaze The Pain
Afrikan Roots Lab

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Dezarie continues to develop her skills on Eaze The Pain (Redemption), an album that is well worth the nearly five years in coming.  From "Hail Jah" through "Rastafari" Dezarie emotes with a militant reverence while stirring the conscience with piercing lyrics. 

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Track List:

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Hail Jah

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What Ah Mornin

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Set Da Flame

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Always Remember You

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The Truth

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Eaze The Pain

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Anotha Revolution

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Real Luv

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For The People/By The People

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Ras Tafari

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Musicians & Credits

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Performed, Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Ron Benjamin for ARL
All Lyrics & Melody by Dezarie
Dezarie & Ron Benjamin: All background vocals
Kardelle President: Saxophone on "Always Remember You"
Cover Art by Adrienne Brown
CD coordinator: Preston Powell
Layout by Jonathen Siegel/Bassline Design

Distributed by Natural Mystic
1AF Est. Daimond
PO Box 683
Kings Hill, St Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
Tel: (340) 772-1848
Fax: (340) 692-5177
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Afrikan Roots Lab
P.O. Box 8433, Sunny Isle
St. Croix, VI  00823
(340) 692-5613

Liner Notes

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Always Remember You

The woman that brought you up in this world that you live in.
Be there for her give her what you got while she's livin
Honor your parents that your days may be longer woah
For 9 months she carried you around in her womb
Be appreciating
Don't forget them, Don't forget them, Don't forget them, Don't forget them

Friends and family that have passed on to the next world
Kodak moments that was shared back then should be treasured
There is no one in this world that can replace the sooo...
The joy, The jokes, The laughter, all the good times you had
keep them close to your heart
Don't forget them, Don't forget them, Don't forget them, Don't forget them
The only one who had your back when you were in prison
Someone who was always there for you that would listen
All that support you should never forget that nooo...
When all of your so called brethren disappeared fast
Remember who gave you love
Don't forget them, Don't forget them, Don't forget them, Don't forget them

I will always remember you
I will always
I will always remember
The good things you did

More Music from Dezarie

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Album Reviews
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Achi's Reggae Blog:
One of the yearís most anticipated releases was the return of Dezarie, with Eaze The Pain, her third album and first in over five years, since the Gracious Mama Africa album which helped established one of the most curious legends and reputations in modern Reggae history. Gracious Mama Africa followed her debut, 2001ís Fya for I Grade Records which Iíve heard called, by people whose opinions I respect, simply the finest Roots Reggae release from ANY female in Reggae history! So what is the attraction to Dezarie? My thought would be, again, somewhat in the same way as Vaughn Benjamin: Her style. Where Benjamin can be this ultra-cryptic rolling wordsmith, Dezarie simply doesnít sugarcoat ANYTHING. She is very much so a Ďwhat you see is what you getí type of singer.  - More

Reggae Reviews:
Eaze the Pain is perhaps Dezarie's most consistent of her three albums to date, which is saying a lot from a woman I consider to be the best female reggae artist in the biz. While her countrymen Midnite venture into increasingly experimental, quirky sounds, Dezarie sticks with what made us fall in love with her in the first place: rich roots reggae sung with an ethereal, almost otherworldly panache.  - More
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