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Inner Visions
Finally Captured Live
Petroglyph Music

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At long last, the crucial vibes of Inner Visions are Finally Captured Live.  The selections on this CD were recorded in during Inner Visions' 2007 tour of Europe.  

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Track List:

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Love One Another Medley:
Love One Another, Cool Reggae Rhythm, Pack Up Yo Bundle, No More Tears to Cry, Black Sheep, School Daze

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Burn Down Babylon

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Spiritual Dancer

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Rebel Medley:
Rebel, Can You Feel It, True Hearts/True Love, Blasphemers

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Mr. DJ

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Musicians & Credits

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The Players
Paul H. Samms Percussion, Vocals
Alvin "Jupiter" Pickering Bass, Vocals, Drum Programs, Percussion
Phillip "Grasshopper" Pickering Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Akiba Pickering Keyboards
Aswad Pickering Drums

Liner Notes

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I had listened to all of Inner Visions' CDs and thoroughly enjoyed them. However, once you see them live, it takes you to a whole other level. The sheer power of their sound alone is impressive. You know this is going to be something special from the first notes. How can five guys sound that "big".

The first time I saw Inner Visions I expected they would be good but I had no idea how good. I remember looking around the audience and seeing practically everyone saying "Wow" almost simultaneously. By the end of the first set everyone was on their feet dancing, everyone even the club owner who practically never dances.

The thing with Inner Visions is not only are they great musically, their vocal harmonies alone are incredible but it's their message as well. They are positive and conscious... saying, or should I say singing, what so many of us feel and believe. Yet this is done in a caring, loving way; no preaching, just teaching.

Since that first night, I've been blessed to see Inner Visions many more times. Just last year I was given the honor and privilege to book for them in my area. Since they are not well known here as yet, many times they played to sparse audiences. They played at each venue as if there were a crowd of 1,000s. They had fun and dug the vibe and crowd. I cannot say enough about them musically and personally. These guys are the real deal. They don't do this for fame or money, they do this for love and you feel this when you hear them. Their ever growing fan base, myself included, hopes to make this best kept secret, a secret no longer. If you ever have doubted the power and strength of music, if you ever have doubted the power and strength of love then I urge you to catch a live performance of Inner Visions. You will believe and I guarantee you will be "Innergized."

April Steyert aka "thatreggaewoman"
Ashville, NC  USA

Special thanks to the Creator for without him none of this would have been possible!  We'd also like to give thanks to our many fans.  Without your enthusiasm for our live stage shows this would also have never materialized.  Then we acknowledge George Michailow, Chris Anderson, Sister Lea Boss, Sister Denise (our #1 fan) and Michael, Roy and Sue, Sister Irie, Sister April (thatreggaewoman), Buck at Digital Dudes, (you always seem to save the day), Iklin's Printing, David Payne, Mauver, Julian Schmidt at Reggae Photos for the cover shots, Stefaan Van Slycken, John and Kathleen Reny, Leal and Lima, Beth and Jim, Lorenzo Stam, Robbie Roots, Klarie and Marie, Franklin, the Digitec Staff, and our families sho suffer through our absence at times when we are away from our beloved St. John.  May Jah love surround you like the ocean covers the sea! - IV

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Album Reviews

Achi's Reggae Blog:
Finally Captured Live is SO well put together that it’s almost like less of a ‘live album’ and more of a greatest hits to a degree. So if you, being a fan of modern Roots Reggae (with a slight inclination to the old school) come to your senses and decide to ‘finally’ check them out, Inner Visions’ Finally Captured Live might not be too bad of a place to start.  - More



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