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Midnite - I Grade
Nemozian Rasta
I Grade Records
Midnite I Grade - Nemozian Rasta

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Nemozian Rasta is the debut album from the I Grade Records camp.  Released in 2001 (and recently on vinyl), this album exposes Midnite's diversified musical styles and features some great selections from Dezarie.

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Musicians & Credits

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All words and melodies by Vaughn Benjamin except "Most High", "Sing Out" and "Right Direction" - words and melodies by Dezarie.

Additional lyrics on "If I Betray" by Donny Dread.
And Players of Instruments...
Live Drums: Phillip Merchant
Programmed Drums: Laurent 'Tippy' Alfred, Donny Dread
Bass: Kenyatta Johnson, Phillip Merchant
Hand Drums: Vaughn Benjamin
Keyboards: Ronald Benjamin, Watep, Eric Williams, Laurent 'Tippy' Alfred, Donny Dread
Guitars: Laurent 'Tippy' Alfred, Phillip Merchant, Vaughn Benjamin
Flute: Vaughn Benjamin
Engineer and Executive Producer: Laurent 'Tippy' Alfred

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Track List:

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VI Reggae is pleased to offer a multimedia presentation of the music and lyrics of Nemozian Rasta.  Watch these presentations, read the lyrics, or just run the music by selecting the appropriate icon.

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Most High

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Shout That

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Love IE One Another

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Prize Your Name

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If I Betray

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Up Stay

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Sing Out

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Black Congo

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Esta Es The Truth

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Swing And The Slide

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Right Direction

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Enough For Everyone

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Liner Notes

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Musical Arrangements:
Tippy Alfred: Up Stay, Sing Out, If I Betray, Right Direction, Mountains, Most High, Love IE One Another, Bless, Ancesta, Keenly, Swing & The Slide
Vaughn Benjamin: Prize Your Name, Black Congo, Mountains, Most High, Love IE One Another, Bless, Ancesta, Shout That, Swing & The Slide
Donny Dread: Enough For Everyone, Shout That
Kenyatta Johnson: Keenly, Shout That
Ron Benjamin: Esta Es The Truth
Eric Williams: Swing & The Slide

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Album Reviews
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Reggae Vibes:
"Nemozian Rasta" was released in 2001, the title 'Nemozian' referring to the Greek goddess of memory who gave birth to the Muses. Most of the tracks included here feature the incredible singer Vaughn Benjamin on lead vocals, except for the tunes Most High, Right Direction and Sing Out on which female vocalist Dezarie takes over in her unique style. - More

Reggae Reviews:
Described as "a Midnite - I Grade collaboration" (I Grade encompassing the record label, production company, and contributing musicians) -- H.I.M.although it contains 3 tunes from Dezarie (two of which are on her breathtaking debut Fya) -- Nemozian Rasta (Nemozian referring to the Greek goddess of memory who gave birth to the Muses.  Like, duh . . .) could be interpreted by fans as a straight Midnite album.  However, the I Grade portion of the equation lends a subtle variation on the Midnite sound that listeners have come to relish.  - More

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