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What Makes A King?
Afrikan Roots Lab

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Afrikan Roots Lab brings forward "What Makes A King?", the first studio album from Midnite in nearly six years.  This CD captures the essence of Midnite's powers on 10 crucial selections

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Track List:

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Real Audio

Real Audio

1. What Makes A King Real Audio 6.


Real Audio
2. Emotions Real Audio 7.

High Places Of Anu

Real Audio

Native Story

Real Audio 8.

Dem Gone

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4. Give Her Her Due Real Audio 9.

Neat And Nice

Real Audio
5. Jah Bless Her Real Audio 10.


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Liner Notes

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Vaughn Benjamin
Ron Benjamin
Kenny Byron
Edmund Fieulleteau
Arthur Brown

Cover Art by Marcus
Words: Vaughn Benjamin/BMI
Music: Ron Benjamin/BMI
Schethlya Publishing/BMI
Afrikan Roots Lab/BMI

Recorded Produced Performed by Midnite

Afrikan Roots Lab

For Midnite Booking contact:
Preston Powell
(800) 899-6864

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Album Reviews
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VI Roots:
The first non-collaboration Midnite album in over 5 years! The heavy collection of 10 songs brings a slightly new sound, with it swirling keyboard & exuberant horn lines; but the trademark Midnite drum and bass and Vaughn's powerful vocals are in full effect. Essential album for any Midnite collection. Haile recommended. - More

Reggae Vibes:
After having released collaboration albums such as "Suns Of Atom", "New 1000", "Rule The Time", "Infinite Quality", "To Mene", and "Supplication To H.I.M." to name six, the brand new "What Makes A King?" set is the first non-collaboration Midnite album in over five years! And again Midnite comes up with an album that features a great mix of superb vocals, solid riddims and excellent lyrics. The latter are strongly inspired by Benjamin Vaughn's visit to his place of birth, Antigua (ANU). Things get started with the wonderful title track on which Vaugh Benjamin is solely accompanied by piano, acoustic guitar and flute. - More

Achi's Reggae Blogspot:
Overall, What Makes A King, although not great, is probably the strongest Midnite album Iíve heard since 2007ís Rule The Time and itís also probably their most accessible (again, donít compare the level of accessibility of Midnite to ANYONE elseís) since that album (which was excellent) as well. I myself am kind of a Ďmiddle of the roadí type of fan when it comes to all things Midnite, so anytime you can move closer to typical Modern Roots Reggae, of course Iím happy. As for the hardcore Midnite fans, of whom I built the premise of this review, I hope and from what Iíve seen the album has been quite well received and, of course, just like the vast majority of Ďtheirí material What Makes A King will hold a very special place in Reggae at the time. Itís a Midnite album and that alone makes it a very big deal, perhaps even bigger than most people know.  - More

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