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Midnite I Grade
I Grade Records
Midnite I Grade - Assini

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Assini is a fresh follow-up to the previously release Midnite I Grade collaboration Nemozian Rasta. Co-produced by Midnite and I Grade, Assini presents 16 new songs over unique sonic blends of hip hop and roots. Assini showcases the unique talents of the Midnite musicians alongside I Grade Productions.

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Track List:

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Real Audio

1. Old Robe Real Audio 9.


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2. Worker Be Real Audio 10.

Good Remnant

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3. Balance Real Audio 11.

Dry Bones Live

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4. Ises Real Audio 12.

Mouth Of Ancients

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5. Reminder Real Audio 13.


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6. Blaze Up Real Audio 14.

Piranha (Come To Feed)

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7. Highly Real Audio 15.

Sing Ye

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8. Humble Wah? Real Audio 16.

No Fear No Sorrow

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Liner Notes

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I Grade RecordsContact Info:
I Grade Records, LLC
P.O. Box 223281
Christiansted, St. Croix
U.S. V.I.  00822
Tel: (646) 226-1738
(340) 773-6628

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Album Reviews
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I Grade and Midnite have once again come together to collaborate on "Vijan", the latest dose of St. Croix roots reggae to be unveiled by I Grade Records. Vijan features Midnite’s mystical lead vocalist, Vaughn Benjamin, and drummer Dion Hopkins joining Laurent "Tippy" Alfred, Tuff Lion and Kenyatta Itola on 14 wonderful selections.

Vijan continues the Midnite tradition of unrelenting lyrics that seem to penetrate deeper and deeper each time they are listened to. Vaughn Benjamin’s amazing insights are distilled into poignant lyrics poured over hard core base lines. Tuff Lion’s delicate and melodic riffs are gently stirred into the mix to create an intense spiritual and musical potion.

What is particularly intriguing about ‘Vijan’ is how producers Vaughn Benjamin and Laurent ‘Tippy" Alfred are able to maintain a pure roots sound over such diverse tempos. From the pounding nyahbinghi of "Structa" to the light-hearted melody of "Cradle Of Joy". From the soulful sound of "Scornful" to the acoustical selections "Days Come" and "Blackson Rays". Vaughn also demonstrates his musical abilities by playing all the instruments on "Thanks for Life".

Vijan is the 10th album to have been released by Midnite. Their four albums (Unpolished, Ras Mek Peace, Jubilees of Zion, Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance) are complimented by the two previous I Grade collaborations: Nemozian Rasta and Assini, and the Midnite Branch I projects: Cipheraw, Geoman and He is Jah.

To all lovers of the cultural roots reggae music that used to be so abundant in Jamaica, I say "Look to the east". For right now on the island of St. Croix, there is a caldron of conscious roots music getting ready to explode. Midnite and I Grade Records stand at the forefront of this movement, and Vijan is an excellent release that deserves to be added to the collection of all reggae music lovers.

Daniel (RAW#495)

Reggae Vibes:
'Assini' is Midnite's fifth album and also their first release in 2002, already followed by two more cd's entitled 'Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance' and 'The Cipheraw'. This 'Assini' set could be regarded as a kind of 'Nemozian Rasta Volume 2', but only if you listen superficially. Vaughn Benjamin and Laurent "Tippy" Alfred arranged the album and they created an atmosphere on 'Assini' which is more or less hypnotic and darkish, we would call it a 'dwelling' sound. - More

Skank Productions:
Every once in awhile, I find an artist or group that totally blows me away. Nasio Fontaine has been that artist since 1998. This singer/songwriter from Dominica is one of the most talented and righteous bredrin I've ever heard. I still feel he's deserving of superstardom. But recently I was turned on to a group called Midnite and they are, in a word, incredible. Hailing from St. Croix, this quintet has a raw roots sound which is unlike any other. They've released three excellent discs, but the one that's being reviewed here is their second collaboration with I Grade records (their first is another crucial release entitled "Nemozian Rasta"). - More

Reggae Reviews:
This admittedly is not an easy album to listen to; it certainly took me the longest of all of Midnite's albums so far to get into.  The pace is slow, the melodies indistinct, the overall tone is somber, subdued, and serene.  This isn't to say that Assini sounds so terribly different from previous Midnite albums.  In fact, it sounds like a direct extension of Nemozian Rasta (both "Midnite - I Grade Collaborations"), except without as much of an experimental, dynamic edge.  - More



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