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Inna Red I Hour
I Grade Records
Abja - Inna Red I Hour

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I Grade Records brings you Inna Red I Hour, the debut album of Abja whose selection Crucial Confessions was also included on the Weep Not compilation.  The 14 tracks on this album have a distinctive rootsy-blues feeling that is sure to move you. 

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Track List:

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Red I Tune

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Love Potion

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Crucial Confessions

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Pass De Kahn (feat. Yahadanai)

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Rise Up

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Play On

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Rebel I Lion

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Still Have Love

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Lion Walk

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Love Jah Dub

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Love Jah

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Lion Walk Dub

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Musicians & Credits

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01. Red I Tune - Drums: Dion "Bosie" Hopkins; Bass: Kenyatta Itola; Keys: Laurent "Tippy" Alfred; Guitars & Organ: Tuff Lion
02. War - Drums: Batch; Bass: Kenyatta; Guitars: Tippy
03. Crucial Confessions - Drums: Matthew Miller; Bass: Kenyatta; Keys: Tuff Lion; Keys: Eric Williams; Guitars: Tippy
04. Rise Up - Drums, Bass & Guitars: Tippy; Bass: Kenyatta
05. Rebel I Lion - Drums, Bass Keys & Guitars: Tippy; Keys: Eric Williams
06. Lion Walk - Drums & Percussion: Abja & Tippy; Bass, Keys: Tippy; Piano: Emi Augustin; Guitar: Tesfa
07. Love Jah - Drums: Abja & Gregory; Bass: Gregory Jackson; Harmonica & Percussion: Zaka; Guitar: Tesfa
08. Chances - Drums, Bass, Keys & Acoustic Guitar: Tippy; Acoustic Guitar Lead: Tuff Lion
09. Love Potion - Drums: Jamaki Knight; Bass: Phil Merchant; Keys: Tippy; Guitars: Tuff Lion
10. Pass De Kahn (Featuring Yahadanai) - Drums: Jamaki; Bass: Kenyatta; Keys & Guitar: Tippy
11. Play On - Drums: Jamaki; Bass: Phil Merchant; Keys: Ras El; Keys & Guitar: Tippy
12. Still Have Love - Acoustic Guitar rhythm: Tippy; Acoustic Guitar Lead: Tuff Lion
13. Love Jah Dub - Drums: Abja & Gregory; Bass: Gregory Jackson; Harmonica & Percussion: Zaka; Guitar: Tesfa
14. Lion Walk Dub - Drums & Percussion: Abja & Tippy; Bass, Keys: Tippy; Piano: Emi Augustin; Guitar: Tesfa

Liner Notes

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All songs produced and arranged by Laurent "Tippy" Alfred except:
Love Jah produced and arranged by Jaleel "Abja" Saleem, Gregory "Bassie" Jackson and Greg Lox
Lion Walk co-produced by Abja

Tracks 1-5. 8-12 Mixed by Laurent "Tippy" Alfred
Tracks 6-7 Mixed by Jamaki Knight
Tracks 13-14 Mixed by Abja
Additional writing on Chances by Elton Standy
Additional writing on War by Abu

Recorded by Laurent "Tippy" Alfred
Graphic Design by Mark "Feijao" Milligan II

Abja's Thank Youz:

First and for most, give thanks for life and the breath of life Most High JAH RASTAFARI 3x.  Umi, Abu I love u iva more.  Kha, Stilts, Zay Live up Learn to love and appreciate life.  Big Dave - Luf U.   Jah stay up.  Luquantum I de ya for you.  Bassie give thanks for strength.   Binghi Zaka, tenastelin.  Jahmake-i link for iva.  Tesfa denga likks (oh yeah oh yeah).  Sekemba lox u know I love u.  Sui we in it for life.  My yout, James Love U.  Link, love U. Vaughn, give thanks for a sight, brother, Midnite for strength in Babylon.   Z and Issa, love U.  Commissioner Tippy - ah u brethren.  Trust me I Trust U.   Batch, Ini for sure.  Feijao ah-u run things.  Auntie, Mike T, Mike J, Big Cousin, Niya where you de, M. Def, Bengi.  St. Croix, East to West Thank u for de roots.   Z and Issa love u.  All de musicians, Phil, Bosie, all me peoples and family.   Give thanks for strength.

I Grade Records

Contact Info:
I Grade Records, LLC
P.O. Box 223281
Christiansted, St. Croix
U.S. V.I.  00822
Tel: (646) 226-1738
(340) 773-6628

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Album Reviews
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Creation Steppin':
OK, I'm moving to St. Croix, obviously THE hotbed of modern roots music, and I-Grade Records is at the forefront. They strike gold again with Abja's debut release, "Inna Red I Hour." Abja is a multi-talented songwriter/singer/singjay that we got a taste of with his song "Crucial Confessions" on the "Weep Not" compilation CD, and the talents that we got a hint of then are in full force here. Every single song features heartical lyrics and tight riddims using mostly live instruments, including the talents of some of the island's finest such as guitarist Tuff Lion.  - More

Reggae Reviews:
I Grade Records is steadily becoming the modern, scaled-down version of Studio One in the ‘60s/‘70s or Island Records in the ‘70s and early ‘80s. That is, it’s establishing itself as a stamp of quality, as a dependable source for quality reggae in a market increasingly flooded by half-hearted fly-by-night labels and mega-labels whose next by-the-numbers release sounds just like their last. You hardly even have to listen to an I Grade production to know that you’re in good hands. - More
I see the return address on the package from I Grade Records, I think as I open it, "What a perfect birthday present to myself- a new Midnite CD to listen to!" And what a cool title, "Inna Red I Hour." I was already excited as I cued it up. Oh but wait, that's not Midnite's Vaughn Benjamin that I hear. I look at the CD again and there in dark red letters blending in is the artist's name: Abja ... mmm, nice voice. Sounds like old roots reggae, but not. - More

Reggae Vibes:
The cd "Inna Red I Hour" is the promising and powerful debut album by Abja. He's a a multi-talented singer, singjay, songwriter, and producer hailing from St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. From there Laurent “Tippy” Alfred runs his renown I Grade Records label, and the latest branch, Abja is destined to make an excellent impression on the (roots) reggae massive with his debut set. - More (french)
Abja est un multi-talentueux : chanteur, compositeur et producteur venant de St Croix, Virgin Islands. Avant "Inna Red I Hour" qui est sa première réalisation intégrale, il travailla activement sur ses compétences en studio et fût quelques concerts à NYC pendant plusieurs années en se formant au niveau vocal ainsi qu'en tant que producteur avec "The Survival Soundz Crew". - Encore (Spanish)
Abja es otro de los grandes ídolos musicales de la isla vecina, Santa Cruz. Su disco bajo el sello I Grade Records cuenta con la ejecución instrumental de los legendarios músicos Kenyatta, Tuff Lion y Tippy, entre otros. El estilo de este artista podemos clasificarlo como reggae rústico con altos elementos de dancehall y hip hop. Sus letras se basan en crítica social, creencia Rasta y un poco de sentimentalismo.   - Mas



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