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One Atonement
I Grade Records
Yahadanai - One Atonement

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I Grade Records brings you the first ever recordings of Yahadanai with his debut album One Atonement.   This album features 14 crucial tracks and is one of Ireggae's best albums of 2004.

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Track List:

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One Atonement

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Roman Soldiers

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Mama Love

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Best Thing (feat. Pressure)

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Babylon Toy

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Things They Do

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Mosiah Chant

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Chant Out (feat. Abja)

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Rise In Dub

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Musicians & Credits

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01. Rise - Drums, Keys, Acoustic Guitar: Laurent "Tippy" Alfred; Bass: Gregory"Bassie" Jackson; Electric Guitar: Tuff Lion
02. Wadada - Drums, Guitars, Organ: Tuff Lion; Bass: Kenyatta Itola; Piano: Tippy; Trumpet: James Smith; Saxophone: Billy Ramirez; Trombone: Irving Karan; Horn Arrangement by James Smith
03. Gratitude - Drums: Dion "Bosie" Hopkins; Bass: Kenyatta; Guitars: Tuff Lion; Organ: Tippy
04. Light - Drums: Dion "Bosie" Hopkins; Bass: Kenyatta; Keys and Binghi Drums: Tippy; Guitars: Tuff Lion
05. Best Thing (Featuring Pressure) - Drums, Bass, Keys: Tippy; Acoustic Guitar: Tuff Lion; Keys: Eric Williams
06. Things They Do - Drums, Bass, Keys & Guitar: Tippy; Guitar: Tuff Lion
07. Chant Out (Featuring Abja) - Drums & Keys: Abja; Bass: Kenyatta; Guitar and Keys: Tippy; Guitar & Organ: Tuff Lion
08. Warfare - Drums, Keys & Guitar: Tippy; Bass: Kenyatta; Guitar: Tuff Lion; Keys: Eric Williams
09. One Atonement - Drums, Bass, Keys: Tippy; Guitar: Tuff Lion,
10. Roman Soldiers - Drums, Organ & Guitar: Tuff Lion; Bass: Kenyatta; Piano: Tippy;Trumpet: James Smith; Saxophone: Billy Ramirez; Trombone: Irving Karan; Horn Arrangements by Tippy & James Smith 
11. Mama Love - Drums: Andre "Andy" Llanos; Bass: Kenyatta; Organ: Jalani Horton; Guitars: Tuff Lion; Trumpet: James Smith; Saxophone: Billy Ramirez; Trombone: Irving Karan; Horn Arrangement by James Smith 
12. Babylon Toy - Arranged by Vaughn Benjamin & Laurent "Tippy" Alfred. Drums, Bass, Keys: Tippy; Keys: Vaughn Benjamin
13. Mosiah Chant (Featuring the words of Marcus Garvey) - Drums, Keys, Guitar & Binghi Drums: Tippy; Bass: Gregory"Bassie" Jackson; Lead Guitar: Tuff Lion
14. Rise In Dub - Drums, Keys, Acoustic Guitar: Tippy; Bass: Gregory"Bassie" Jackson; Electric Guitar: Tuff Lion

Liner Notes

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All lyrics and vocal melodies by Yahadanai (K. Teixeira) except respective verses by Pressure and Abja

All songs produced and arranged by Laurent "Tippy" Alfred
Gratitude co-produced by Kenyatta Itola and Vaughn Benjamin
Chant Out co-produced by Abja
Wadada, Mama Love and Mosiah Chant co-produced by Kenyatta Itola & Tuff Lion
Babylon Toy co-produced by Kenyatta Itola, Andy Llanos & Jalani Horton

All songs recorded and mixed by Laurent "Tippy" Alfred except:
Best Thing: additional recording by Donnie Dread at Groundbreaking Studio, St. Croix

All songs published by I Grade Music (ASCAP)

Graphic Design by Mark "Feijao" Milligan II

Give Thanks

Creator - All praises due to the holy mother and father of iration, Selassie I Jah Rastafari; without them none of this would have been made possible to me.
Ancestors & Elders - Admiration & respect flow in abundance for their teachings & their spiritual guidance through their steadfastness & principles I have been able to echo their voices in this present day.
To my Mother & Father - Thank you for the nourishment, protection & lessons that you have given to me.
Family - Thank you for the foundation, love, strength, beauty, balance & good vibes.
Tippy - Give thanks for giving me the opportunity to express myself creatively with positive vibrations.
Abja - Give thanks for da strength, brethren.  Continue doing do good works.
Redemption - Bless up.  One Love!
Much respect to da Midnite Band.  Keep spreading Selassie I works.

How wonderful it is, how pleasant, for God's people to live together in harmony. - Yahadanai

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I Grade Records

I Grade Records
P.O. Box 223281
Christiansted, Stx
U.S. V.I.  00822
Tel: (646) 226-1738
Album Reviews
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Reggae Reviews:
Another top-notch release from I Grade Records.  Unlike most of I Grade’s previous efforts, Yahadanai doesn’t hail from the Virgin Islands.Rather, he comes from Guyana and now calls Harlem (New York City, for those unfamiliar with the Globetrotters) home. But the I Grade sound (which could as well be called the VI Sound) -- a rich roots reggae landscape kept on edge with modern twists -- is ever-present, thanks to label mainstays like Laurent "Tippy" Alfred (who produced and arranged all of the songs), Tuff Lion and Kenyatta Itola. - More
I Grade Records has done it again. They introduced the world to mystic Cruzan reggae music with Midnite, Dezarie, and Abja; demonstrating that they are adept at culling and nurturing artists dedicated to devotional music. Now, label owner Laurent “Tippy” Alfred and crew have moved beyond the borders of St. Croix to bring Guyanese singjay Yahadanai to the reggae listening world.
- More

Skank Productions:
"One Atonement" is the debut release by Yahadanai, an extremely talented singjay hailing from Guyana. This is another release on the I Grade label, so you know that means it's fresh and rootical. You'll find 14 tunes here with tight musicianship and great production. Things start off with the acoustic intro of "Rise" and ends over an hour later with its dub version. - More

Reggae Vibes:
The production team of I Grade Records proves to have a keen ear for exciting new talent as can be witnessed by listening to the works of Yahadanai (pronounced YAH dah nai). Introduced to the world through his collaboration with Abja on the album "Inna Red I Hour", young singjay Yahadanai now delivers his much anticipated debut album "One Atonement". - More

Reggae France: (french)
St-Croix ? Cette petite île de l'archipel des Iles Vierges Américaines commence à se faire remarquer. Certains y voient le berceau du renouveau d'un roots qui aurait quitté la Jamaïque… Le label insulaire I Grade Records se distingue avec des productions finement ciselées, aux arrangements superbes. Ce qui ne fait pas défaut au premier album de Yahadanai, "One Atonement". - Encore

Surforeggae: (Portuguese)
, sem dúvida é um artista que rompe fronteiras. Sua impressionante habilidade vocal e letras poéticas estão conquistando milhares de fãs do autêntico Reggae Roots por todo o mundo. Originalmente saído da Guiana, Yahadanai atualmente mora no Harlem, Nova York – Estados Unidos. Suas influências musicais são globais, e ele reúne a beleza emocional de um Africano, o carisma e poder de um cantor Caribenho, e as entonação dos artistas Ocidentais. Seu primeiro álbum, “One Atonement” mostra todas essas influências mescladas em músicas estonteantes. - Mais

Achi's Reggae Blog:
Yahadanai’s ULTRA simple style of chanting was so refreshing and given the BEAUTIFUL backdrops he had at his disposal from the hands of Tippy Alfred and the venerable Tuff Lion, he made One Atonement the best album it could possibly be and MAYBE the best album I-Grade has EVER released in its nearly decade long history. - More



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