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Inner Visions
Stay Alive!
Blue Bitch Music

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On the heals of their first live album "Finally Captured", Inner Visions and the Pickering family comes forward with their latest release "Stay Alive".      

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Track List:

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Are You Ready

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True Hearts / True Love

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Stay Alive

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King Of Kings

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Love Is Ah Must

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Hands Up Babylon

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Mama Afrika

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Burn Down Babylon

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Solitude (Instrumental)

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Joseph Hill

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Musicians & Credits

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Paul Samms - Lead Vocals/Percussions
Alvin Pickering - Backing Vocals/Bass/Percussions
Phillip Pickering - Lead Vocals/Guitars/Percussions
Akiba Pickering - Lead Vocals/Keyboards
Aswad Pickering - Drums
Also featuring: Leroy "Spikening" Guiste - Backing Vocals/Keyboards

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All Music Produced and Arranged by: Inner Visions
Album Cover and Insert Photos: Ervin C. Dorsett Jr. (Courtesy Melinda Media)
Additional Photo Credit Insert Diana Rozendaal (Dordrecht Holland)
Recorded at: M.C.R. Studio (Tampa, FL)
Recording Engineer: Mike Conway
Mastered at: Sterling Sound (New York, NY)
Mastering Engineer: Chris Gehringer
Mixed at Digitech Recording, PR
Mixing Engineer: Heraldo Lopez
Cover Concerpt: Grasshopper
Technical Design assistant on cover: Buck at Digital Dudes

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Special Thanks:

Special thanks to the Creator for his infinite wisdom and grace.  We also thank him for the gift of music and the ability to share it with so many of you.  We'd also like to thank John and Kathleen Reny, Steve and Helen Simon, George Michailow, April Stewet ("thatreggaewoman"), Mushiya "The Queen" Stirckland, Buck at Digital Dudes, Leal and Llaa, Saundra Torres, Denise and Michael, Beth and Jim, Lorenzo Stam, Malinda at Malinda Media, Mike d' Magician, Ervin C. Dorsett Jr., Tunde and Kelly, Marquita Daniels, Skank Productions, Brother Ima Uwagbai, Ras Redi and Barbara, George Small, Tyler at "Larry's", Mauver Tyson, Glen Thomas and Family.  Kenneth and Machael Pickering, and our families who suffer so much in our absence while allowing us to pursue our dreams.  May JAH continue to bless all of you in your day to day livity!

Liner Notes

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It is always a delight to hear these quality musicians with conscious lyrics and beautiful harmonizing vocals.  Spiritually uplifting, this family brings universal love to the forefront of their music.  "Mr. Snooze" the keyboardist and "Hollywood" who fuels the rhythm with drums are brothers and represent the youth in the group.  They seem to bridge a generational malaise with wisdom.  "Jupiter" uses his melodic falsetto and solid bass tones to ground the entire unit.  Ras "Osisi" Paul from Jamaica is the sugar in the coffee with his masterful percussive beats and strong vocals.  Last but not least is "Grasshopper."  He is the brother of "Jupiter" and father to "Hollywood" and "Mr. Snooze."  "Grass" brings a certain richness to the group with his baritone voice and versatile guitar playing.  This is the band's sixth album and just like the previous releases I'm sure you'll love this one too!  With Inner Visions it only seems to get better!

Ras Charles Jones
Host WHRW 90.5 FM
Binghamton University Radio
Binghamton, NY

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Here again we bring to you music filled with messages of love and hope it can foster and inspire the spirit of Brotherhood.  Now more than ever in the lives of many, poverty, stress and uncertainty looms daily.  Many have chosen the easy way out while many take it to the streets like vampires preying on the weak and unsuspecting.  Still, as tough as things have gotten we can make things better by just giving a little love.  It's been said many times, "what the world needs is love."  Well... guess what? The love is already in the world.  We just need to exercise it!  Remember when you express love unto a brother or sister you've also expressed it to your creator.  Remember the Universe is listening!  So no matter the doctrine, the origin, the theory, or even the disbelief, one thing is true.  No one can deny the healing power of love!  Live it and "Stay Alive: - IV

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